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Latest News and Developments in the City of Auburn Hills

Welcome to this page where we will talk about the Auburn Hills. This is a city in Oakland County, which is known for its bustling nightlife, amazing casinos, and a shiny, shimmering lifestyle. This wonderful place is hidden in Oakland county, but with time, more and more people are being made aware of it. There are a number of things to do in Auburn Hills, and some of the most popular activities include casino games and clubbing. So whenever you are at Auburn hills, don’t forget to visit the bustling casino life and the glazed city life, along with the beautiful nature up here.

City of Auburn Hills

News and Announcements of the City

Here are some of the latest news related to Auburn city:
  • A few days ago Auburn was listed in the top 100 cities to live in America.
  • The city of Auburn has received really high scores from bond rating agencies.
  • The Auburn Public Library is about to host every child reading workshop.
  • Fall Sundown Concert Series about to begin from October 3rd at Auburn City.
  • The Auburn City Library is also hosting a creative writing workshop exclusively for children.

Top Things to Do in Auburn Hills

  • You can check out the Palace which is a place that hosts a number of glamorous events that might seem entertaining for you.
  • If you like the Automotive Industry, they have a Chrysler campus which you can visit if you like.
  • You can go bowling at the Madison Park Bowl.
  • You can check out the Tree runner Adventure Park at the Oakland University if you have a thing for adventures.
  • You can also check out the famous Erebus Haunted House if you are anything into spooky stuff.
  • You can check out some of the fantastic casinos around here is you are into gambling. If you want to enjoy cards game from your phone, then you can also check out where you can get no deposit bonus from Lion casino that will give you free casino money.

Plan Your Visit for the Grand Opening of New Casino

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    The Best Bars & Pubs in Auburn Hills

    There are a number of well-established bars and pubs at Auburn Hill. These bars and pubs are maintained and are equipped with everything that you might need. You can stay updated on the local auburn hill news that will help you to know about new bars and pubs being opened up. Here is a list of the three best restaurant ins, bars, and pubs you can find at Auburn City:

    • DUFFY’S PUB: this pub is known for its decent food quality and affordable prices. You can find a number of drinks and cocktails among tasty dishes in this particular pub with rates that might not make you go bankrupt. This pub also has very good reviews on the internet which you can check out and then decide for yourself.
    • AVERY’S TAVERN: with a proper bar-like setup, this is a place that you must check out once you are in Auburn Hills. With great food and reviews, this is a wonderful dining place for you.
    • ROCHESTER BISTRO: a wonderful, classy and elegant bistro for people looking to blow off some steam and have a good time.

    If you keep yourself updated with the latest news regarding the city, the news might help you know more about new bar openings. And if you regularly visit our site, you will find that we often have gifts for our readers, like the ongoing 100 free spins no deposit bonus that you can use to play any real money slots game. We hope you will have a fun time with it and win some money with a little luck.