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Latest News and Developments in the City

  1. Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce

This Chamber of Auburn Hills is a non-profit management organization that works as a stimulant of growth in the whole world-class community. The employees of the Chamber of commerce serve to be the voice of the business world, representing the members’ interests. Their specialties are learning and networking opportunities, discounted and complimentary programs, as well as marketing exposure.

  1. City break: The Best in the Area of Detroit

Urban ranches, arty addresses were humming among its occupants. The Figaro guide you to appreciate two days in the biggest city of Michigan (Midwest), increased by the return of investors and also tourists.

After dark hrs., the old Electric Motor City is reborn from its ashes, as its motto demands. Ever since, it has relocated at several speeds. The Midtown became the tiny realm of millionaire Dan Gilbert while the other communities created by banking on the neighborhood with the wave arty, metropolitan farms, modern heritage, and also appeal of the past.

The advantage of this city is that in two days you will undoubtedly have visited the major one. One should not be shocked at the many homes as well as buildings still abandoned. Only five years earlier, the renaissance that is continually being compared to Berlin brought in generally to its city and also underground celebrations. The city inspires such greats as American supervisor Jim Jar mush and even actor Ryan Gosling. The turmoil, the silence, the abandoned factories, the mansions as far as the eye can see generate dystopian decorations. The marauders are hovering over the Downtown as well as many residents will tell you that deer utilized to stroll there. Detroit is an experiment, a playground, an Eldorado of possibilities on which millionaire Dan Gilbert bet. He invests, welcomes several start-ups ahead as well as attempt their good luck.

  1. In the United States, dozens of international students trapped by a fake university

The establishment, which had no real existence, was a scheme set up by the immigration authorities to arrest fraudsters.

The University of Farmington, Michigan, had everything from an official website to a Facebook page with a calendar of events, an armory, a motto in Latin (knowledge and work), and even a physical address. But she had no Amphitheatre, no class, no teacher, no curriculum. And for a good reason: The University of Farmington was nothing more than a front, an operation set up by the American immigration services to uncover immigration fraud networks.

The operation, codenamed “Paperchase”, led to the arrest in late January of dozens of” fake students ” across the United States. Of the 600 students who took the bait, eight were identified by investigators as recruiters, arrested, and brought to justice in early February. “These suspects helped hundreds of foreigners stay in the United States illegally by helping them to portray themselves as students they were not,” U.S. Customs official Steve Francis told The Detroit News. The investigators accuse these intermediaries of having set up false student files based on falsified documents.