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Auburn Hills Welcomes Bellacino’s


Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders has opened up shop inside the Auburn Hills Meijer Store located at 800 Brown Road.


Best known for their ‘grinder’ sandwiches which are fresh-baked Italian rolls filled with meats and cheeses are baked then garnished – if so desired – with lettuce and tomato.  Just a bit of history…the name ‘Grinder’ dates back to WWII when Italian immigrants set up sandwich shops close to shipyards.  The hard-working men spent their days grinding rivets off of old metal warships so locals started calling them “grinders”.  As frequent patrons of these sandwich shops, their favorite sandwiches took on the name “grinders” as well.


Ham & Cheese, Roast Beef, Veggie, BBQ Pork, Tuna, Meatball and Ruben are just a few of the sandwich options available – along with pizza, salad, breadsticks and more.  We welcome Bellacino’s to Auburn Hills!