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High Spirits in Low Water


High Spirits in Low Water

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

Over 120 devoted paddlers participated in the 8th Annual Paddlepalooza that took place on Saturday, June 4th.  Although the water level was a bit low this year it didn’t seem to dampen the spirit, fun and enthusiasm of this year’s participants.


This year twenty-three men and thirteen women participated in the one-person kayak race and five teams participated in the two-person canoe race.  All remaining river buffs to a more pleasant pace down the river enjoying the views and activities nature has to offer on a bright sunny day.


Each year teams from Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, the two cities that organize the event, have a friendly race for the Mayor’s Challenge Cup.   We’re pleased to announce that Auburn Hills Mayor Kevin McDaniel and James Stevens, successfully defended the Mayor’s Cup.  This is Mayor McDaniel’s second victory in a row.  Rochester Hills Mayor Brian Barnett and his brother Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett were a formidable team.

All those involved in this year’s event enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio of River Crest Banquet Facility, while swapping stories of their journey down the river.

Winners in the One Person Kayak Race – Men’s Division

  1. Vince Schrand (left) 1:40.22
  2. Ken Rieth (middle) 1:40.30
  3. John Carrick (right) 1:41.50boys

Winners in the One Person Kayak Race – Women’s Division

  1. Stacy Miller-Serota (right) 1:49.50
  2. Taylor Sloan (left) 1:56.44
  3. Gwenn Stevenson (middle) 1:59.07


Winners in the Two-Person Canoe Race

  1. Don Peterka and Todd Sand (front center) 1:58.23
  2. Jeff Leblanc and Tim Sosko (back right) 2:11.12
  3. Samuel Addy and Ali Ahmed (back left) 2:23.55


Winner of the Mayor’s Challenge Cup


Mayor Kevin McDaniel (center left) and James Stevens (center right) – Team Auburn Hills

Mayor Bryan Barnett (left) and Supervisor Chris Barnett (right) – Team Rochester Hills

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