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Think Spring Cleaning

Think Spring Cleaning

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

Finally!  Spring is here and it’s the time of year when we all get that urge to spruce up the house and clean out the garage.  It’s during this annual springtime event when one finds that old container of pesticide, drain cleaner, paint thinner or cleaning product tucked under the sink; that old TV, computer or VCR stashed in the basement; or other household hazardous waste you might find in the garage like vehicle fluids or empty propane tanks (30lbs or less).  This is often the time when the question pops up “Where can I dispose of this stuff?”


Well, if you’re an Auburn Hills resident raising this question, you’re in luck.  On Saturday, May 17th the City is holding its Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Electronic Recycling Day.  The collection takes place between the hours of 9AM to 2PM at the Auburn Hills Department of Public Works garage located at 1500 Brown Road.  Don’t worry about the cost because it’s FREE.  All you need to do is bring proof of residency.

The City offers this service to help assure these items are properly disposed of and do not end up in the river by way of a nearby storm drain.


Please note there are materials the City does not accept, which include commercially generated waste, radioactive waste, explosives, ammunition, shock sensitive materials, industrial compressed gas cylinders, and medical waste.