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Fiero Lanes Property To Be Redeveloped


Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Back in the day bowling was the thing to do.

When built in 1963, Orchard Lanes (now called Fiero Lanes) located at 645 S. Opdyke Road was a state-of-the art bowling center with a fully-automatic pinsetter.  Old timers say it was very popular.  People used to flock to this place because participating in a bowling league was the social and civic thing to do in the 1960’s.  But, something changed.  Lifestyles changed.


Fiero Lanes has seen better days. It has been vacant for at least two years.

Starting in the 1970’s, bowling leagues across America began to slowly decline in numbers.  Many stopped going to these centers for social interaction and found other interests and outlets for their time.  As these bowling alleys began to age and lose business, owners had trouble fixing them up and reinventing their product due to declining revenues.  Ultimately, that is what happened to Fiero Lanes which shut their doors about two years ago.

The former Fiero Lanes has fallen into disrepair

Fiero Lanes has fallen into disrepair

So now, 50 years later, we anticipate this former “hub of fellowship” will be no more.  A proposal has been submitted for the bowling alley to be demolished and replaced with a Dollar General retail store.  We’re working with the developer to help prepare the new proposal for the November 26th Planning Commission meeting.  Stay tuned for more information on the project.

Auburn Hills keeps evolving.  Business ideas that were popular decades ago get replaced as consumer desires change.

Progress can’t be stopped.  That’s what makes urban planning so interesting.