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Sprouting Opportunity: Auburn Hills Offers Trees for Sale

Posted by – Don Grice, Deputy Director of DPS

Spring has officially sprung – at least on the calendar.  Now, if we can just get the outdoor temperatures to catch up with the calendar!

PlantingTree_v2-268x300Another indication of Spring is the kickoff of the 13th Annual Department of Public Service (DPS) Residential Tree Sale, where the City makes bare root trees available to its residents at a reduced rate.

What are bare root trees you may ask?  Bare root trees are exactly what the name implies, trees that are dug and stored without any soil around their roots.  The trees are dug in the field and refrigerated until shipped for planting.  Once they are received at the DPS they are stored in woodchip mulch until they are delivered to the resident.  This entire process takes place within a few days.  In addition to receiving the freshest planting material available, bare root stock has several other advantages:

  • More root mass – typically have 150-200% more roots than the more familiar containerized or balled and burlapped trees.
  • Lower cost – due to reduced labor and material needs
  • Easy to handle – because there is no soil, the trees are much easier to handle.

While bare root stock is a great option for most, it does have some limitations.  It’s a perishable product.  Tree roots need to be kept moist until planted and planting should take place as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours of delivery).  Bare root stock is also moisture sensitive and needs to be watered frequently if Mother Nature isn’t doing the job.

The DPS is offering four different tree species this year:

  • Autumn Blaze Maples – $47.00
  • Hackberry – $46.00
  • Skyline Honeylocust – $51.00
  • Greenspire Linden – $51.00

Quantities are limited, so call and reserve yours today.  Free delivery is included.  Orders will be taken this week at the DPS (April 8th through April 12th) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Call 248-391-3777 to order or ask questions.

Planting trees is one of the best ways to improve our community.  Trees help reduce the effects of pollution, storm water runoff, and climate change.  They also provide an immediate return on investment by reducing energy costs and increasing property values.

So, take advantage of this great offer and help beautify the City of Auburn Hills.  Call and order some trees today.