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New Bar Coming to AMC Theaters

3 15 13 027

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

The adult movie-going audience has spoken!

???????????????????????????????The AMC Star Great Lakes 25 Theaters at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets will soon open MacGuffins Bar & Lounge on their premises.  So, folks will be able to meet at the bar, before or after a show, and enjoy their favorite beer, wine, or cocktail.

Why the name MacGuffin?  It’s a movie term coined by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.  The “MacGuffin” is the plot device that motivates the characters and drives a story, like The Death Star Plans in Star Wars or the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Huh, interesting … learned something new.

Patrons will be able to take their alcoholic beverages from the bar with them to their seats.  Of course, you must be over 21 years old to do so.


Expect to see the bar open sometime in early April.  Cheers!